Ten food products we’ve been preparing wrong all our lives

You can never get enough fruit and vegetables in your diet. It’s a shame, therefore, that sometimes they can cause a whole lot of trouble when you’re trying to make a salad — not all the seeds are removed from some things, whilst the skin is hard to peel off others.

Sweet peppers

A simple way to get rid of all the seeds in one go.


You can serve watermelon more easily with the help of a deep bowl.


Place a just-boiled potato in some ice-cold water, and within a few minutes the skin will come off easily in your hands.


You only need to make two cuts to quickly peel an onion.

Cherries, olives, and berries

With berries, olives, or cherries, by simply pressing them between two plates, cutting them all in half can be achieved in one go.


To easily remove the skin from peppers, simply cover them with olive oil, and place them in the oven for a small amount of time.


You can cut any citrus fruit into pieces using the same method.


How to cut a banana into chunks using nothing but a needle.

Marrows and squashes

This is by far the safest and quickest way to chop up such foods.