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  • Apple joins Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft in AI initiative

    Following Bloomberg’s report, the Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society (what a name) officially announced that Apple is joining other tech companies as a founding member of the AI initiative. Companies will work on research projects, AI best practices and more. The Partnership on AI was officially unveiled back in September 2016. At […]

  • These genetically modified cyborg dragonflies could perform ‘guided pollination’

    We are now in a day and age where cyborg insects no longer even raise an eyebrow. Hell, you can order kits! But this particular cyborg insect is especially interesting: a dragonfly that has been modified inside and out to follow the path programmed into a solar-powered electronic backpack the size of a fingernail. Previous […]

  • Nima, the portable gluten tester, is now available for purchase

    Trying to avoid gluten for medical or personal reasons? Nima can help and it’s now available for purchase for $279. This little device detects even trace amount of gluten in minutes. Just stick a bit of a french fry or salad dressing into one of Nima’s capsule’s and wait about three minutes for the device […]

  • Energy is the new new internet

    Brian LakampCrunch Network Contributor Brian Lakamp is co-founder and CEO of Totem. If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in energy, you should. We’ve seen this movie before. Spoiler alert: There’s massive economic opportunity ahead. How massive? Imagine standing in 1992, knowing that Google, Akamai, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, BuzzFeed and Uber lay […]

  • Why Silicon Valley is high-fiving over Trump’s SEC pick

    Wall Street lawyer Walter “Jay” Clayton hasn’t been officially appointed to the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission yet. But given the finite amount of political capital that Democrats wield right now, it’s easy to imagine that he’ll be confirmed and fairly easily when it’s his turn on Capitol Hill. That’s probably welcome news for […]

  • Google Lunar XPrize down to 5 finalists aiming to fly to the moon in 2017

    Google’s Lunar XPrize competition is nearing its zenith – the slate of competitors is down to five finalists, all of whom are competing to be the first private company to launch a spacecraft destined for the moon by the end of 2017. The five remaining teams include SpaceIL, Moon Express, Synergy Moon, Team Indus and […]

  • Apple releases first iOS 10.3 beta with “Find My AirPods”

    The ultimate first world problem is finally solved. Apple just released the first beta of iOS 10.3 to developers. Among other changes, the beta includes a way to find your lost AirPods in the Find My iPhone app. As you know, Apple’s AirPods only have tiny W1 chips in each earbud. These chips only support […]

  • It’s called virtual “reality” for a reason

    It all started with a fish tank. It was the 1990s, while I was in grad school working on a project for University of Michigan’s Advanced Technology Lab in their EE department. Someone at another university had aimed a webcam at the office fish tank and published the feed on the early web. You could […]