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  • 25 thought-provoking quotes from Haruki Murakami about the most important things in this world

    It’s often hard to find the right words to describe our feelings, emotions and other aspects of human behaviour. But Haruki Murakami is a writer who knows how to do this skilfully. It often seems as though he truly understands the chemistry of the human soul, somehow finding the ability to describe it with penetrating accuracy and thought-provoking sensitivity. In honour of Murakami, one of the greatest writers of modern times, we selected […]

  • 23 powerful and thought-provoking quotes from Gabriel García Márquez

    He is loved the world over for his penetrating writing, shrouded in myths and mysteries, which we all want to re-read again and again. He imparted much wisdom to humanity, offering us dozens of fairytales from his magical world in which people are able to truly love and live in the most visceral way possible — even in times of war and plague. 1. Don’t let yourself die without knowing […]

  • 20 iron quotes from Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher was easily one of the most powerful women in human history who served as the prime minister of the United Kingdom for 11 years. She is the first and only woman to ever hold that position. A woman with a strong will is called “mean“; a man with a strong will is called ”powerful.“ Defeat? I do not recognize the meaning of the word. Any woman who understands […]

  • 12 encouraging quotes to inspire you in 2017

    This past year has given us a lot of joy and good memories, but we also suffered setbacks and overcame obstacles, always trying to keep moving forward no matter what. The only thing we need now is to leave the past behind and look ahead to a brighter future. Source:    

  • 20 profound quotes from Carl Jung that help us better understand ourselves

    Carl Gustav Jung was a positive psychologist and a philosopher. He saw an impulse for expanding one’s consciousness in virtually any manifestation of neurosis or depression. Don’t hold on to someone who’s leaving, otherwise you won’t meet the one who’s coming. Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. If you are a gifted person, it doesn’t mean that you gained something. It means you have something […]

  • 20 brilliantly uplifting quotes from ’The Intouchables’

    ’The Intouchables,’ a film based on a true story, attracted an army of fans immediately after its release. And it’s no wonder: it’s the story of a wealthy paralyzed aristocrat, Philippe, who hired a guy off the street to be his assistant. It masterfully mixes comedy with drama, reminding us that life is a miracle — no matter what. © kinopoisk ’The pain sometimes goes away, but the thoughts are still here.’ […]

  • Terry Pratchett’s magnificent sense of humor in 36 quotes

    One of the most sharp-witted fantasy writers of our age passed away on the 12th March 2015. Sir Terence Pratchett, the talented English satirical writer, was truly like no other: talented, mind-blowingly witty and extraordinary courageous. The author of the Discworld series and famous ’Unadulterated cat’ had been fighting a rare form of Alzheimer’s for a good couple of years prior to his death. Due […]

  • 20 eloquent quotes by William Shakespeare that look deep into the human soul

    William Shakespeare was an incredibly talented poet and an incomparable master of words. His works reveal the essence of human relationships. The lives of his characters are seeping with passions and unstoppable emotions. His writing deeply penetrates into the soul and reveals the subtle but vast inner world. Bright Side chose the 20 immortal quotes of the greatest playwright of all time.  Beauty […]

  • 25 great quotes from Dale Carnegie that we can be thankful for

    Dale Carnegie was many things… writer, journalist, psychologist, educator. He believed that there are no bad people in the world, just that there are unpleasant circumstances that can be overcome without spoiling someone’s life and damping their spirits. These are the very things highlighted in his books and lectures.  There are different attitudes towards Carnegie’s works; some people read his […]

  • 30 sharp quotes from the great Winston Churchill

    In the UK he’s been called ’’the Greatest Briton in History.’’ He was known all around the world as a crafty and deep politician who made good use of his wit against his opponents. It seems as if every morning he put on his jacket together with audacity and persistence. We here at Bright Side collected some of the sharpest quotes from this 20th century icon. Be careful not to cut yourself! […]