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For each and every pet and nature lover. These are wonders to behold!

  • 20 Hilarious Animals Who Are Convinced They’re Masters of Disguise

    Maybe you’ve got one of those pets who thinks of themselves as something of a little camouflage expert. There’s only one problem with a pet like this: it can be a real challenge to find where they’re hiding! Here are some cunning pets who decided to hide from their owners. Can you see them? He’s the spitting image! © izziepetsitter A master-class in disguise. © vidagatuna I’m working […]

  • 20 Utterly Touching Before-and-After Photos of Pets Growing up with Their Owners

    When people grow up together with their pets, they share especially strong bonds of friendship and love. You’re changing, and your pet is changing with you. Once upon a time this little ball of fur would sleep on your pillow, and now the two of you can hardly fit in the same bed. Today, we at Bright Side would like to take a stroll down memory lane […]

  • 19 Adorable Cats Who Were Born to Become Famous

    oday, we have collected 19 pictures of fluffy cuties whose owners, judging by their comments, are themselves surprised at their cats’ facial expressions and behavior. I don’t think my cat really likes my new slippers. © My cat saw the kids playing on it, and now she keeps meowing until you rock her too. © rc1honda/ She chewed an armrest for herself in this box. © […]

  • 15 Hilarious Comic Strips Every Cat Owner Will Understand

    Cats are wonderful creatures. But they’re also so strange at times that you quickly realise you can never hope to understand them. All you can do is accept them as they are and learn to love their strange habits. The number of odd things they do is essentially incalculable, but the following selection of short cominc strips certainly highlight a few of the most memorable — and hilarious — ones. […]

  • The 20 Cutest Animals Who Know They Can Always Rely on Their Mother’s Love

    The purest and most tender feeling in the whole world is a mother’s wholehearted love for her child. And it doesn’t matter whether her baby is a human being, a bear cub, a koala or a monkey — love is felt amongst thousands of different kinds of living beings all across the world, proving once again just how wonderful life can be. © flickr Mom will always support you © […]

  • 15 Animals Before and After They Were Taken from a Shelter

    Deciding to get a pet, and caring for it thereafter, is a big responsibility. Taking this kind of step can change your life, but equally it changes the life of an animal as well. The following photos of cats and dogs before and after they found a loving owner illustrate this perfectly. Let’s hope they inspire at least one person out there to give a wonderful animal the home it deserves. […]

  • 15 Heart-Warming Photographs That Prove Love Is All Around Us

    It’s not only human beings which feel love — despite what we sometimes think, many animals know what this wonderful feeling is as well. Just take a look at these 15 photographs if you have any doubts. From birds to mammals to insects, this inexplicable but life-affirming force envelops the world every second of every day — and that’s something to rejoice in. © 500px They love each other […]

  • 10 Things We Love About Cadbury: Love Your Pet Day

    As it is Love Your Pet Day today, we thought we would share a few of the things we love about our resident Love That Pet Lab, Cadbury. We love the way she comes and sits next to you and nudges your elbow when she wants a cuddle. We love that she is always excited […]

  • 24 Cats That Are Too Magnificent to Be Real

    Since ancient times, people have worshipped cats — and it’s not hard to see why. These animals are so magnificent that we find ourselves repeatedly thanking nature for offering us the chance to be friends with them. We at Bright Side have scoured the Internet to find 24 incomparably wonderful kitties and offer you a little advice on how best to win their friendship. If you live with a cat, then […]

  • A Dog’s Short Term Memory is… Pretty Short

    Ever wonder why when we tread on our dogs’ tails all seems to have been forgotten 2 minutes later? The answer might actually have more to do with science than their beautiful, forgiving natures. Last year, researchers at Stockholm University conducted a study of the memories of various animals, and they found some pretty interesting […]