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  • Why You Should Never Do Your Child’s Homework, and Other Fantastic Parenting Advice

    Here’s some fantastic advice on how to help your children grow and develop. We’re convinced this could contribute a lot to forming a great relationship with your kids — and what could be more important than that? It’s vitally important for every child to have some free time (about two to four hours a day) which he or she spends doing nothing in particular. Anxious and ambitious parents […]

  • Is Your Child Acting Out—or Just Acting His Age?

    As a work-at-home mom of 4-year-old twins, let me tell you: This past year was rough. Was it as “terrible” as the twos? Uh, worse. Were they moody, impossible-to-please “threenagers”? Big time. But then I had an epiphany when we were at a family party at my sons’ preschool. When it was time to leave, […]

  • The Best Story You’ve Ever Read About How to React to a Misbehaving Child

    It sometimes happens that a child’s favorite activity turns out to be getting on your nerves more than you believed possible. This might happen when you go for a walk or go to the supermarket. But how can you keep your calm in those situations when your child starts to misbehave and can’t be controlled? © bambinonaturale A woman in a grocery store came upon a grandfather and his poorly behaved three-year-old […]

  • Why Kids Should Skip The Screens Before (and During!) Sleep

    According to a new study, the mere presence of a screen in the bedroom at bedtime increases the risk of inadequate sleep quantity in kids. My son has never been a great sleeper. In fact, most nights he falls asleep with both his TV on and his iPad clutched in his hands. But as it turns […]

  • 10 Things NOT to Say to the Breastfeeding Mom of a Toddler

    How long a mom nurses her child is her decision alone. Here are a few things she just doesn’t need to hear about extended breastfeeding. People have a lot of opinions about breastfeeding in general, but they have even more to say about extended breastfeeding. Nevermind that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nursing throughout […]

  • 25 Brilliant Images That Every Parent Will Understand

    Every adult starts preparing for the arrival of a child in their life with great enthusiasm. But it’s only later that they realise just how many surprises they’re going to come up against as a parent. These surprises range from the heart-warming and joyous, to the hilarious, to the unpleasant. But through it all, they never lose that enthusiasm for parenthood. Here are 25 brilliant images […]

  • 10 Thoughts You’ll Definitely Have When Your Kid’s School Calls

    All the thoughts that run through your head when your child’s school calls in the middle of the day. By Jacqueline Burt Cote It’s the number we never want to see pop up on our phone in the middle of the day: Our kid’s school. (Because we all know they’re never calling with good news!) […]

  • 7 Discipline Mistakes All Moms Make

    I haven’t been to the post office since “the incident.” I was that wild-eyed woman with a screaming child, slowly working my way up the line as one customer after another let me go ahead. Turns out my desperate attempts to comfort my kid were the result of a rookie error. The tantrum came from […]

  • 20 Hilarious Photos Showing That Kids Can Fall Asleep Literally Anywhere

    Kids are like little balls of energy. They can hurtle around your home for hours on end, then promptly collapse into a deep sleep when their ’batteries’ run out — and usually, this means sleeping wherever they were last standing. Here are 20 kids who have the enviable ability to get some rest literally anywhere. © Do you think he’s comfortable? […]

  • 10 Things Your Mother Never Told You

    Every mother around the world is a shining example of selflessness, compassion, devotion and love. The experience of motherhood defies all logical understanding or explanation; you simply cannot comprehend it unless you have your own child. Your mother probably never told you about any of the following things. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t experience them — all of them. You made her cry…a […]