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  • Simple Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

    How many times a year do you start a new diet? Does it really work? We at Bright Side believe that weight loss doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. All you have to do is build simple habits to see the weight come off. Here are 8 scientifically proven tips to help you achieve your dream body. 1. If you don’t like exercising, 30 minutes is enough Good news, couch potatoes! Researchers […]

  • How Your Circadian Clock Affects Your Workout Time

    The time of day you hit the gym could have an impact on the quality of your workout, according to research published in the October 2016 issue of Cell Metabolism. Researchers discovered circadian clocks in the muscle tissue that regulate how well it adapts to changes in the environment and activities throughout a 24-hour period. “Our […]

  • If You Eat Right and Still Can’t Lose Weight, This Could Be the Reason

    If you exercise regularly and eat healthily and still fail to lose weight, the reason could be a hormone that we all produce called cortisol. It’s very important because it’s the one that causes us to react when there is danger. However, a continued excess of high levels of cortisol can trigger a series of problems that are summarized in a syndrome called Cushing. The most common way to produce it continuously […]

  • What Will Happen if You Give Up Eating Sugar for 3 Days

    Almost all of us have thought about going on a diet at one time or another. For some it’s just a passing desire to shed a few pounds before a party; for others, losing weight is a struggle that lasts many years. However, one Swedish doctor, Andreas Eenfeldt, has suggested it’s time to stop believing in myths about food and listen to the signals your body sends you. As is well […]

  • A 4-Minute Workout That Is Worth an Hour at the Gym

    Vigorous, high-intensity exercises are not suitable for everyone, especially in our time-poor age. But that’s no excuse to give up working out. To help you find the time for crucial exercise, here is a set of five classic but seriously effective exercises which you can do in just four minutes. 1. Squats Time required: 60 seconds © Beth Bischoff Stand with your feet a little wider than […]

  • Discover the Best Workout for Your Body Type

    Why do we sometimes train hard and diet even harder and yet we don’t achieve any result or we even get negative results? Nutritionist Barbara Schmidt says it’s because all women’s bodies can be divided into four basic types, each with its own peculiarities. Preview photo credit shutterstock Author Barbara Schmidt Based on materials from Psychologies  

  • 5 Morning Procedures You Should Start Your Day With. Make These a Habit!

    Our morning routine proceeds in almost exactly the same way for the vast majority of us. But few would have guessed that all you have to do is add a few simple yet highly effective activities to it and the start of your day will become much easier. 1. Massage your ears © Syda_Productions/ Massaging your ears can help you to fully wake up. This can […]

  • 11 Exercises You Can Do To Relieve Lower Back Pain

    Are you experiencing lower back pain? Does the pain seem to get worse over time? Image: NPR This article will introduce you to some simple exercises to improve hip mobility as well as strengthen your core. These activities will also go a long way to help relieve your back pain. 11 Exercises To Relieve Lower […]

  • Here Is What Happens If You Eat Honey and Cinnamon Every Day

    People have been using honey and cinnamon for centuries, and these products are popular in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Honey never expires, and cinnamon was so valuable a thousand years ago that only an emperor could get it as a gift. Now everyone has access to them, and their benefits are scientifically proven. The mixture of honey and cinnamon is super tasty and effective. […]

  • 10 Foods to Avoid for the Flat Belly You’ve Always Dreamed of

    We all want to have a flat stomach, but do you know that abdominal fat is the most difficult to deal with? You work out, you try to adopt healthy diet habits, but you don’t see visible results in the mirror. Stubborn belly fat is still there, and it seems that it doesn’t plan to go anywhere. If this sounds familiar to you, we at Bright Side want you to know more about […]