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  • Pet Photo Pajamas!

    It’s no secret that I love my cats. Like, love love them. Like one-whisker-shy-of-throwing-them-cat-birthday-parties kind of love if you know what I mean. They both sleep with me every night too, which is one of my favorite things in the world (Mac, the white guy, stays close to my chest, and Charlie, the grey gal, […]

  • 13 extremely clever ideas for cleaning hard-to-reach areas

    Keeping hard-to-reach places clean and dust-free can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle. Cleaning blinds One way to clean blinds is to use elastic bands to wrap a damp cloth around a pair of tongs. By the way, this trick is used by professional house cleaners. Vacuuming window frames A great way to clean your window frame is to use a toilet paper tube on the end of your vacuum cleaner’s suction tube. […]

  • 17 ideas that will turn your dresser into something completely new

    Old furniture is often a headache. It looks annoying, it takes up too much space, and our plans to throw it out are as difficult to implement as going into space. Now you will never have to be stressed by this problem again. Bright Side collected the most trendy ideas on how to transform your house using dressers, TV consoles, and desks. A simple kitchen idea Having taken the drawers out of granny’s […]

  • 14 brilliant tricks that make your life more comfortable

    Thinking outside the box can significantly help to make your life a whole lot simpler, helping you to solve many irritating problems and get on with what you really enjoy. Here are 14 little tricks which we’re certain will be useful to absolutely everyone. 1. If you hang a tennis ball from the ceiling down to the level of your car’s wind shield, it will help you […]

  • 15 creative ways to transform old furniture beyond recognition

    Many of us have lots of old things at home that we don’t use, yet which we can’t bring ourselves to throw away. An old bed becomes a cheerful bench You can find step-by-step instructions on how to make it here. A large wooden cable drum can be used to make a super stylish bookshelf It’s easier to make this than you think — look here. A child’s crib can become a space for […]

  • 19 cheap and creative ways to add comfort to your apartment

    The colder it gets outside, the more we catch ourselves thinking of various eye-pleasing renovations that will bring comfort to our home and won’t cost millions to accomplish. Today, Bright Side invites you to take a look at some of the most trendy house decorating options that will both lift your apartment’s interior design to new heights and won’t be a strain on your wallet! 1. Using old […]

  • 17 ways to turn a cramped studio into a spacious and cozy apartment

    A studio apartment is like a Rubik’s Cube: it can only be put together if you put your mind to it. Bright Side offers you the simplest tips with stunning examples from those who have already coped with the difficult task of planning a small space. 1. Sliding wall partitions Small spaces require clever solutions, and this is one of them. This sliding wall can hide […]

  • Our Lips Are Sequined Sweatshirt DIY

    When shopping, I’m a bit like a bird in the sense that I tend to gravitate towards all things bright and shiny. So the gold or sequin items always catch my eye. I was so excited to find an adorable t-shirt the other week that had this awesome pair of lips made entirely from sequins, […]

  • DIY Embroidered Sun Hat

    I’ve been loving the embroidered sun hat trend I’ve been seeing around this summer. As a person who is obsessed with keeping my skin covered as much as possible in the summer without absolutely melting, this is the perfect way to guard my face and shoulders from harsh UV rays. Plus, it’s a fun and […]

  • 12 Fantastic Tips for Keeping Your House Perfectly Clean

    Even if cleaning isn’t your favourite pastime, the results always justify the effort made. That feeling that you’ve done your duty, when everything around you is shiny clean, can’t be beaten. How to restore a table Mix ½ cup of vinegar with ½ cup of olive oil, dip a cloth in the mix and wipe the wood down. Scratches disappear completely and the surface […]