17 Stunning Wedding Cakes That Won 2016

Following the results of a year winners among wedding cakes are named.

Learn who became the best!

1. This rustic cake dripping with forest fruits.

2. This completely dazzling geode cake that’s pretty much mind-blowing.

3. This elegant mint, peach, and gold cake.

4. This gray cake with delicate sprigs of flowers and greens.

5. This woodsy cake with an amazing plaid design on the inside.

6. This Art Deco-inspired bejeweled cake.

7. This gorgeous metallic gold cake with pink ombré drizzle.

8. This delightfully whimsical cake decked out with butterflies and flowers.

9. This mouthwatering cinnamon bun cake that’s perfect for a brunch wedding.

10. This one-tier cake dripping with caramel sauce.

11. This sky-high cake with a mesmerizing geometric pattern.

12. This understated cake with an intricate lace design.

13. This ombré white, blue, and gold cake.

14. This painted cake that’s as classy as a set of china.

15. This watercolor cake that’s ideal for a spring garden wedding.

16. This wintry cake that looks as cozy as a sweater.

17. This whimsical cake with wings and beaded detailing.