10 Things I Love About My Jimmy: Love Your Pet Day

Today is Love Your Pet Day, so there is even more reason to show our furry family how much we care. In appreciation for Jimmy the cat, here are my top 10 things I love about my furry buddy.

  1. I love the way you ‘help’ me study, by lying strategically across my books waiting for me to pat you. You remind me of the important things in life, like that there is always time to stop and take a cuddle break.
  2. You remind me of how important sleep is, by sleeping for a good 18 hours a day and always appearing perfectly rested and calm.
  3. Whenever I come home you are the first to greet me and fall at my feet for a pat. My husband rarely falls at my feet anymore.
  4. At the risk of comparing you to my non-furry babies, you are so incredibly neat and tidy. I leave my young boys alone for 5 minutes and it looks like a tornado has hit the house. You however have left a discrete patch of shed hair on the bed, but that is all (see point 2).
  5. You do a great job of keeping our home free from small creepy-crawlies. Those dismembered cockroaches I find all over the house are a reminder of your contribution to the health of our household.
  6. You always make our guests feel welcome by immediately jumping on their lap as soon as they sit down. This makes the ladies in particular feel very at home, if somewhat hairy on their departure.
  7. I love that funny little chatter that you make when you see birds through the window. I also love that you are pretty content with seeing them through the glass, rather than murdering them in cold blood.
  8. I love that you enjoy boxes as much as my young boys. But at least you let me throw out that great big toy ‘boat’ after it’s been in the living room for a week.
  9. I absolutely adore that you have the loudest purr I’ve ever heard and you’re not afraid to use it.
  10. I love that when I first took you home as a scrawny little kitten with no hair due to ringworm, you instantly made everyone fall in love with you. And when you finally grew back all that magnificent hair you turned into the beautiful creature that you are today.
Jimmy the Cat

Jimmy the Cat